Holiday accommodation in our shepherds huts  and self catering cottage
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Max and Hannah- December 2017
“This is a hidden gem. Bern and Nic are lovely hosts and have two fantastic shepherds huts that are extremely well equipped and perfect for a little cosy getaway in the countryside. Myself and my partner had never done anything like this before ...(more)

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Ouessant Sheep
Our Latest Addition
Here at Lowes Farm we have our own little flock of Ouessant sheep. 
These delightful rare breed sheep are the smallest in the world, on average growing to only 17" tall when they are fully grown! 
They are remarkably hardy little creatures, originating from an island off the coast of France, battered by gales and swept by rain. There are probably only a couple of thousand of them in the British Isles. 
Ouessants are people friendly, very curious, intelligent and have wonderful temperaments. Things rarely go wrong with them and they make wonderful pets (and lawnmowers!). Plus... they are extremely cute! 
This is our new boy Mungo 

As you can see he's not a miniature Ouessant sheep !

Mungo is a Valais Black Nose lamb who came to us as a 3 week old orphan (and you can see he's grown some since then.

The Valais is a swiss sheep renowned for being sweet natured, very friendly and  docile
Ouessants for Sale
Just 2 lambs and 1 ewe for sale this year.  Ready to go to new homes now.  Here are some details and pictures

Faith - ( Miffy's mum) born April 2014. A lovely mother (has had 2 lambs - Miffy and one last year) and a real character. Very cheeky grin and quite confident (£300)

Miffy - a lovely little black ewe lamb - confident, friendly and very sweet (born April 2017) (£300)

Although Faith and Miffy are for sale as individuals, we would prefer to sell Faith and Miffy as a ewe with lamb at foot  (£500)

Midge - another sweet boy lamb.  A little bit less confident and cheeky than Max but seems to have a sweet and loving personality.  Born 1st May, 2017.

All of the sheep have been vaccinated and faecal egg counted (and are clear) 
Miffy and Faith are registered with the Ouessant Sheep Society and Midge has recorded status (wethers are not registered).

Because they are so easy to look after, these little guys are great for grazing paddocks, maintaining the grass in orchards (where mowing can be difficult) or cross grazing if you have horses.

If you are interested in our lambs and would like to know more, please send us an email.
Faith and Miffy
Faith and Miffy again
You can see more pictures of these lovely animals on our Lowes Farm facebook page.  For more information on the breed, have a look at the Ouessant Sheep Society's web site.